Autumn  (Violin)













Autumn has been actively and enthusiastically involved in music since the age of 4, and started playing violin 17 years ago. The violin has guided her to become a confident, respectful, and creatively evolving adult.

She has been an active violinist in her community as well as surrounding communities. Autumn is a first-place national award-winning composer of the MENC’s young composers competition, and encourages her students to not just play but to be creative on their instrument and learn through the process of ear training as well as sight reading. She has been teaching full time for 7 years and LOVES that she is constantly growing as an instructor while her students grow as well.

Autumn teaches mostly classical style violin, but also has students who are interested in praise and worship, pop, folk, and fiddle. She enjoys arranging popular music for her students, and encourages this side of the violin as well as the classics. She welcomes students of all ages, and has taught students ranging from ages 4 to 65.

Autumn has played in countless honors orchestras, philharmonics, string orchestras, symphonies, string quartets, trios, and duos. She currently plays violin for the Raleigh Civic Chamber Ensemble as well as the Raleigh Civic Symphony. She also founded and plays in a String Quartet based out of Cary, NC, and a string duo called “Petals String Duo” that plays weddings, special events, company parties, recording & live session work, and more!

Aside from playing classical music, she plays in four local bands ranging from pop to Americana/bluegrass styles. She writes, arranges, records, and performs all parts. She is heavily involved in the rock/pop/indie music scene in Raleigh, and frequently provides session work in and out of the studio for local artists. The bands she is in are Season & Snare, New Reveille, Modern Chorus, and Saints Apollo.”





         Trev  (Violin)







Trev Wignall is a performing and recording violinist. Upon graduating from Berklee, Trev has been teaching violin and electronic music production in and around the Triangle since 2013.

Trev grew up listening to progressive rock, jazz fusion and electronic music. Like many violin students he started early at age five. His passion to play modern genres of music on violin fuels his love of teaching. He hopes to inspire his students to look beyond the written and page and dive into the vast realm of musical self-expression.



Alexa  (Cello)





Alexa Hughes has been actively playing cello for 18 years, as well as violin and viola for 9 years. She graduated from Hofstra University in December 2013 with a Masters of Science in music education.

Alexa was born and raised in Long Island, NY and has extensive playing experience including the Long Island Sound Symphony, New Inlet Symphony Orchestra, and Bay Area Symphony. Alexa has experience performing in pit orchestras as well as playing at events and ceremonies.

Alexa has been an active member of the New York State School Music Association since 2006, which helps prepare students for solo competitions, and gives students the opportunity to perform with state recognized orchestras. Alexa has worked with students at all school-aged levels, and has helped students reach their goal of playing with the NY All State orchestra. Alexa recently moved to North Carolina to pursue her career as an orchestra teacher, and is a teacher at Lee County High School in Sanford, NC as the high school orchestra, chorus, and music theory director.

Alexa teaches mainly classical, but has had students interested in other genres as well. Alexa has helped students create their own quartets where they are able to work together to compose and arrange music. Alexa uses various techniques in her private lessons, such as sight-reading, and ear training. With experience of teaching all levels and ages, Alexa feels it is necessary to connect with her students on a professional, but personal level while always challenging them to think musically, and perform to the best of their ability.