Quarter Note Music Store Closed

Quarter Note Music - a name created 7 years ago. It began with a dream

to bring a family owned music store to Apex, North Carolina. We bought

Burt Music in 2010 and Quarter Note Music was born. This past year has

brought many obstacles; a large corporate music store moving to the area,

less support for local businesses, and an inability to compete with online

sales. Because of these factors, both small business music stores in Apex

have now gone out of business within months of each other. We have met

wonderful friends, supporters, and musicians over the years, and Quarter Note

has become a home and creative space for musicians of all ages and backgrounds.

We will deeply miss our instructors, students, and loyal customers. We say goodbye

with a heavy heart, and the hope that our years in business have had a positive

effect on this community that will be remembered for years to come. Thank you.